Five pictures

Following on from the last post about using art for teaching here is an idea adapted from something I came across in a TV mag puzzle section – a picture puzzle called Connect 5.

Five pictures magazine pic

The word that connects all five pictures is black.

I thought this was a brilliant idea for Literacy teaching, particularly for ESOL learners so I have put together a few for you to use – answers after the puzzles!

The link word may be before or after the picture word and it may be a compound word or just linked in some way – for some of them you will need to think creatively about what the picture might represent!

Connect 5 Number 1


sand dune

sand stone



Connect 5 Number Two



masked ball



Connect 5 Number Three

milk bottle

milk float

milk jug



Connect 5 Number Four






Connect 5 Number Five

letter writing






Number One – Sand – sandcastle, sand dune, sandstone, sandstorm , sandpaper 

Number Two – Ball  – ballpark, ballgame, masked ball, football, baseball

Number Three – Milk – milk bottle, milk float, milk jug , milk man, milk pudding – good opportunity here to ask who still has milk delivered?

Number Four – Snow  – snowstorm, snowball, snowman, snowshoe, snow plough

Number Five – Letter – letter writing, letter opener, love letter, letter box, chain letter

I thought of a few others as well – some that were hard to think of more than 3 or 4 before it got a bit abstract – things like …

Night – time, nurse, watchman, shift

Day – pay, light, time

Love – cupboard, puppy, letter, story, song

Hand – book, back , bag

Blue – moon, stocking, blood

Super – man, size, market, hero

Cup – board, cake, tea, world

Back – door, bite, order, slide

You could also use it for Maths teaching as a starter activity to help guess the topic or review a previous topic. Useful for ESOL learners getting them to think about the many ways we use Maths words in everyday English.

Here are some for you to guess, you will have to think laterally for a couple of these, answers at the bottom.

Maths Connect 4 Number 1

Angle grinder


Angle picture

Right angle

Maths Connect 4 Number 2

Five squared

Trafalgar Square

Square numbers

square picture

Maths Connect 4 Number 3


Addition picture


addition to the family

Maths Connect 4 Number 4

Pizza takeaway

Takeaway chip shop

Takeaway picture

Takeaway sum


Number 1 – Angle – angle grinder, triangle, acute angle, right angle

Number 2 – Square – square number, Trafalgar Square, multiplication square, 6ft square

Number 3 –  Add – addition square, picture addition, adder – ha ha I know 😉 , new addition to the family

Number 4 – Takeaway – takeaway pizza, takeaway shop, takeway number line, takeaway sum

There are also a few online versions of these such as this one here with clues as well and with just words rather than pictures.

Puzzler magazine and others that you can get from newsagents also have versions of this that are just text.

Puzzler Magazine

Happy solving…. until next time, thanks for visiting.



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